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Reflection on Salon #1

Over the summer, after wrapping up our first event, the TEDxMaumeeValleyCountryDaySchool administrative team decided that we wanted to host TEDx Salon events. We saw Salon events as an opportunity to keep the community engaged throughout the school year and focus in on a more narrow topic.

We had many ideas for the theme of our first salon event, including race-relations, gender equality, gun-violence, and poverty. After some brainstorming, we decided that we could fit many of these issues into one interesting theme of an appropriate scope: The Social State of America.

We decided that we wanted to start our first salon event out with only one live speaker, in order to keep the event relatively small so that we could gauge the community’s interest in salon events. So,we began the hunt for a speaker. Luckily, we came across a passionate Maumee Valley parent who happened to be an excellent public speaker: Patty Wise. Poom worked with her on preparing her presentation in the weeks leading up to the event.

Next, we had to curate the TED Talks that would be shown at the event. Each organizer did some research on his or her own and shared his or her findings with the rest of the team. We had many excellent options to choose from. In the end, the team ended up voting for How to Raise a Black Son in America by Clint Smith, How We’re Priming Some Kids for College -- and Others for Prison by Alice Goffman, and Why Gun Violence Can’t be our New Normal by Dan Gross.

Patty Wise gave an engaging, enlightening, and insightful presentation about current gender inequity and the history of the feminist movement.

Feedback from the event was largely positive, but we did receive a few suggestions for improvement. Some requested more guided discussions during break periods, others wanted more snacks (a recommendation we can definitely get on board with). As always, we appreciate the feedback, and will definitely make these improvements to our next salon event, which will be at Maumee Valley on the evening of November 7th, 2016.

Stay tuned for more information regarding future salon events. We look forward to seeing you there!