Meet The Team

Mihir Joshi

Mihir Joshi is a junior at Maumee Valley Country Day School and is insanely passionate about enhancing the lives of people around him. He works hard every single day to ensure others are well before himself. He also loves playing golf because of how it pushes you to be as precise and accurate as possible while testing your mental toughness. He’s the founder of the Launch X entrepreneurship club, a varsity golfer, an app developer, and a YouTuber. In college, he plans to study bioengineering and learn about stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Sarah Whitacre

Sarah Whitacre is a sophomore at Maumee Valley. She loves socializing and being involved in the community both within and outside of school. She is one of two student council representatives for her grade and also participates in Field Hockey and Global Leadership Program. She has a wide span of interests and passions. In the future, she is interested in studying politics, English, law, and/or science.

Colette Jarrell

Colette Jarrell is a junior at Maumee Valley and has greatly enjoyed being a part of this inspiring, student-lead organization. She has participated in a multitude of extracurricular activities spanning from field hockey and basketball to the Feminist Club and Model UN. TEDxMaumeeValleyCountryDaySchool has been her favorite organization that she has been a part of because it was created and executed completely by young, ardent high-schoolers.

stephane granato

Stephane Granato is a passionate organizer who strongly believes that high schoolers should have a voice in their communities. As a junior at Maumee Valley, he participates in a wide variety of extracurriculars including Model United Nations, the Global Leadership Program, and varsity tennis. In the future, he plans on studying law or politics in order to make a difference in the community he lives in.

Jeremy Mahoney

Jeremy Mahoney, a sophmore at Maumee Valley, is passionate about working towards mastering use of technology in his daily life and helping others do the same. He has almost entirely abstained from playing video games since fifth grade and has a large variety of interests in their stead, including piano, running, coding, languages, and of course, yo-yoing. Jeremy believes that modern technology and the internet are extremely powerful forces that are changing the human mind in profound ways, and we, the users, have the tremendous ability to decide how that technology shapes us.