2017 Event

Ariel Tonkel

Aspiring artist, Poet, Advocate

Ariel Tonkel is currently a junior at Anthony Wayne High School. She has spends her time painting, writing poetry, posting on her blog, and reading. Ariel wants to end up going to school in Chicago and eventually New York City, majoring in Journalism or Creative Writing and hopes to continue her passion for art into the future as well. She aspires to show others struggling with various kinds of adversity that one’s struggles and limitations do not define them and that everyone is capable of doing something beautiful in their life.


The benefits of narcissism.


Bilingual, Musician

Emily Marzari is a freshman at Notre Dame Academy High School. She talks about the importance of foreign languages and teaching them in schools.

Filip Kesicki

&Juliana Vaccaro de Souza

Third Culture KidS

Kirathi Sindhwani

Artist, Mentor, Idealist

Kira Sindhwani, a junior at Ottawa Hills High School, is a social advocate for forgotten children around the world. In her talk, Kira discusses a trip to India that had a massive impact on her life. Kira wants to one day alleviate child labor from the world and plans on working toward this goal throughout her life.

Artist, Mentor, Idealist

Leen Yassine

Social Justice Fighter, Ambitious, Open Minded

Leen Yassine, a junior at Notre Dame Academy, is an International Baccalaureate Diploma candidate. Active both on and off campus, she is a Diplomat, a member of the debate team, a rower on the crew team, as well as a part of both French Club and Current Events Club. Outside of school, Leen tutors children through the After-School All-Stars program and volunteers at Us Together, a non-profit organization that works to resettle refugees in the Toledo area.

Loa Cho

Cellist, Sound Researcher, Writer

Loa Cho, a freshman at Maumee Valley Country Day School, enjoys playing cello, recording and analyzing interesting sounds, and learning new languages. Her free time priority goes to writing in her journal (often for hours in a bathtub), dancing like crazy, and riding horses. She does not know what to become yet, but wants to do something to make the world a place where altruistic people do not become extinct.

Margaret bohmer

Margaret talks about a more efficient method of medical treatment.

Rebekah Schmitz


Sanjay Jinka

Aspiring physician

Sanjay Jinka, senior at Anthony Wayne High School, is an aspiring physician and current researcher at the University of Toledo in the field of tumorigenesis with the goal of identifying the role of a specific gene, TRIP13, in the formation of cancerous cells. Sanjay is also a member of the Anthony Wayne Varsity Tennis team, a saxophone player in the Marching Band and Symphonic Winds Concert Band, a volunteer at the St. Luke’s Hospital ER, a tutor at the Waterville Church, and the school Homecoming King. Sanjay is still undecided on where he will be attending college, but he has the goal of continuing research into college and during his career in medicine.

Sarah reddy

Explorer, Environmentalist

Sarah Reddy graduated from Maumee Valley Country Day School in 2015, and has since then taken a gap year traveling and working in various parts of the world before attending college. Sarah Reddy is currently a first year student at Oberlin College, where she hopes to soon declare a double major in Psychology and Environmental Studies.

Stephane Granado

Aspiring Politician

Stephane Granato is a freshman at Maumee Valley. Stephane participates in many MV extracurricular activities including the Global Leadership Program and is also a member of the soccer and varsity tennis teams. In the future, Stephane would like to study international law and political science. His talk is all about multitasking and the false sense of productivity that it gives you.

toral soram

Reader, Environmentalist

Toral Soram is a junior at Maumee Valley Country Day School and is very involved in her community and school. She is a member of the cheerleading squad and lacrosse team, as well as a head of multiple clubs. During the summer, she volunteers to help organize a free-clinic for uninsured or underinsured patients. As an earth lover and passionate communicator, she hopes to make a difference by conserving the planet. In her talk, she addresses meditation and all of its benefits

Wyatt Reynolds

Explorer, Problem Solver

Wyatt Reynolds ('18) is currently in his third year at Maumee Valley. Throughout his time, he has been involved in the Science Olympiad and the MV theater productions. Wyatt has performed as Ellard in Larry Shue's The Foreigner, worked as an assistant stage manager in Annie, starred in the student directed play In a Grove, and will be acting as Travis in the upcoming production of Footloose. He will also be performing as Boy 1, something which is no small feat.