2016 Event

The Value of Leisure in Everyday Life


We live in a culture that values busyness. Many of us feel as though we must always be engaged in a certain activity or moving from one place to another. Perhaps there is value to be found in simply slowing down.

The Universal Power of Friendship


We live in a world where people constantly judge others. Without a shoulder to lean on, the world can seem like a pretty mean place. How can friendship and kindness bring seemingly different people together, and add value to their lives through doing so?

The Bike Riders



What is privilege? A pair of high school friends explore issues of race and privilege. They do so through a story of being mugged, and an important moment in their lives where their changed. Does our justice system work to solve problems at their root? Is there really any solution to injustice and inequality?

Educating Women in India


What difference can a small investment in young women in India make? How can we change the way that we think about charity, as an investment in the future rather than a donation? Ishani Gupta talks about her experiences in India helping to educate and empower young women.

Environmentally Conscious Business



It is no secret that most of the products we consume are produced unsustainably. What are the underlying mechanics of the world economy that causes this? Why does this need to change?

Why More High School Students Should Research


Many valuable research opportunities are currently reserved for college and graduate students. Research in high school is often limited to simple and rushed labs that don’t require deep engagement and creativity from the student. Does research bring more value to students than is commonly believed?

The Importance of Bees in our Environment


Colony collapse disorder is an issue that many people have never heard of, but it has a tremendous affect on the bee population, and in turn on our environment. One third of the fruits and vegetables that we eat are pollinated by bees, and if we continue to encroach on their natural habitats and use harmful pesticides the effects could be detrimental. What are some ways that we can help the bees? How can we spread awareness?

Entering in Style


The fashion world can often seem daunting to young designers. The winner of Project Runway Jr. speaks about her experiences as a teenager creating clothing designs in an industry where experience is valued.

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.