2018 Event

She is a sophomore attending Maumee Valley Country Day School. This is her first year at Maumee Valley and second year studying in the United States. She was born in Shaoxing, China, a city with a glorious history and culture. She has been played Guzheng for more than 10 years. When she was young, she always dreamed of becoming a musician. She also likes to travel and she is obsessed with photography.



Shereen Yassine

Artist, Traveler

Shereen Yassine, a freshman at Maumee Valley Country Day School, enjoys playing on her school’s tennis team and also enjoys swimming, playing basketball, reading, and art. She participates in the Valley Voice, math club, Muslim-American Society, and Global Leadership Program. Unsure of her future, Shereen aspires to do something unique that helps others.

Jeremy Mahoney

Yoyo and Technology Enthusiast​

Jeremy Mahoney, a freshman at Maumee Valley, is passionate about working towards mastering use of technology in his daily life and helping others do the same. He has almost entirely abstained from playing video games since fifth grade and has a large variety of interests in their stead, including piano, running, coding, languages, and of course, yoyoing. Jeremy believes that modern technology and the internet are extremely powerful forces that are changing the human mind in profound ways, and we, the users, have the tremendous ability to decide how that technology shapes us.

Pinya Pipatjarasgit & Morgan Smith


Pinya Pipatjarasgit and Morgan Smith are currently seniors at St. Ursula Academy. Pinya has competed on the St. Ursula Academy Varsity golf team for four years and is president of St. Ursula Academy’s chapter of National Honor Society. Pinya will be continuing her academic and golf career at Brown University in the fall. Morgan Smith is a senior at Saint Ursula Academy. She is a classical ballet dancer and most recently won first place for her research on microgravity at NASA’s American Society for Gravitation and Space Research convention in Seattle. Morgan will be attending Wake Forest University in the Fall.

Valentina Xu

Future Social Entrepreneur, Multiculturalist

Valentina Xu, an international student from China, is currently a senior at Maumee Valley Country Day School. She is an active participant in Model UN and Mock Trial. She founded the Global Communication Program, a program that translates letters for international parents and produces culturally based creative projects. Valentina will be attending Cornell University to pursue a hotel management and business degree.

Jude Furlong

Writer, Linguist, Actor

Jude Furlong, a senior at Maumee Valley, is an aspiring novelist. He is the announcements secretary, and a member of student council. Outside of school, he gets loans on free time from eldritch horrors, and tries to pay back his debt by spending that time making D&D campaigns for his friends to play.

Vivienne Monger

Swimmer, Educator, Leader

Vivienne Monger is a senior at Maumee Valley Country Day School and is active in the community as co-president of the Afro-Am Club and co-captain and co-founder of the swim team. She plans on majoring in political science with aspirations of law school after her undergraduate studies.

Daniel Lee

Musician and Composer

Daniel is currently a junior at Northview High School, dual-enrolled as a freshman at the University of Toledo. He started the violin when he was five years old and has picked up numerous instruments over time. Daniel uses his talents to give back to his community in the form of musical composition, performance, and volunteering.